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The story behind RVNV

About RVNV

RVNV Co Ltd is a Mauritius based manufacturer of furnitures & lifestyle brand that offers interior collections for homes.
We are a family business, we manufacture handcrafted furnitures as well as professional ones.
The brand endorses contemporary designs, expressed by clean lines and embellished with a modern touch.
RVNV Co Ltd has wide-ranging furnitures and home deco collection from natural, modern, classic, minimalist, to premium collaborate with R&D also well known designers.
All furnitures are tailor made at our Poudre d'Or Village facility - wood and metal, cushion

Our Story


In 2016, we have started our quest for recycling from a garage and now we have expanded to a 2000 ft sq facility in Poudre d'Or village. Employing nearly 10 people and expected to reach - 50 people and 5000 fq sq facility.
Wood & metals are recovered as waste materials and processed at our workshop.
A living concept showroom, showcasing our creative work has been opened on Chemin Vingt Pieds Grand Baie.

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